Frostbound v1.1 APK

Frostbound is a rogue-lite atmospheric survival game where you guide a small group of elk-like creature

This game requires a Daydream headset to play.
Frostbound is a rogue-lite atmospheric survival game where you guide a small group of elk-like creatures on an epic journey across a frozen landscape to a cursed mountain. Camp, scavenge, travel by day or by night, and survive the trek to the center of the Cursed lands, picking up clues about the curse along the way.

  • Experience an immersive sense of scale and presence in the frozen wilderness as you direct your expedition.
  • Build camps for your Elkin to rest and recover, manage your team, or risk traveling through the night.
  • Each Elkin brings new skills to the expedition, enabling the construction of better, safer camps. 
  • Scavenge for resources, search for clues, and wait out nights haunted by dark spirits.
  • Protect your Elkin from wolves at night by hunkering down, or risk traveling by night to save supplies.
  • Discover clues about the story of the Curse by exploring the wilderness, and piecing together the history of the Elkin.

What's in this version : (Updated : 9 December 2016)
    - In game pointer now orients itself properly when we rotate the screen of phone
    - Resource iconography artifacts fixed
    - Building preview no longer gets stuck on
    - Can no longer re-trigger mountain cinematic after loading
    - Pointer ui now fades out close to the camera instead of a flat cutoff.
    - Allow for resuming level progress in the tutorial level
    - When loading saved data, make the camera orient towards the shaman
Required Android O/S : Varies with device

Screenshots :

Download : 94M APK

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